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10 Best Travel Accessories for Dogs

10 Best Travel Accessories for Dogs

I am a huge dog lover! I have two at the moment, but would definitely have more if room permitted, and we didn’t travel much. How do dogs and traveling relate? There are decisions to make on how to provide care for your dog(s) while you are away. The options that are available are bringing them with you, finding someone to make house visits, or have them stay at a boarding facility. Boarding can be very expensive. Our family has been extremely fortunate as our Australian Shepherd’s breeder does boarding. She takes great care of the dogs in her care and we highly respect her. With that being said, we have traveled with our dogs in the past. Listed below are 10 travel accessories to bring while traveling with dogs. A few of these items I have used (and wouldn’t travel without), but I have also listed a few pieces that I haven’t, but will definitely be trying out in the future.

1. Top Dog Travel Bag – Airline Approved

This bag is amazing! In the past I used a beach bag to carry everything, but this is a game changer. There is a divider inside to keep everything organized. On the sides of the bag there is a pocket for a water bottle, and the other side has a zipper pouch. The bag also includes an insulated storage container for food and treats. The container can hold up to 13 cups of dog food. The bag also provides two collapsible bowls. If there is one thing to take on a trip, this is it!

2. The Absolute Kitchen Reusable Airtight Pet Storage Container

If your dog’s travel bag doesn’t include food storage containers, you may be opted to store their food in plastic bags. You can help keep the environment cleaner by using these storage bags by The Absolute Kitchen. These containers are built to last and can be washed and used over again. They are even dishwasher safe!

3. Comsun 2-Pack Extra Large Collapsible Dog Bowls

I love carrying around these collapsible bowls, whether we are out on a long walk or on a road trip. It’s a convenience to always have a vessel ready to offer your dog a fresh drink of water.

4. RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

You never want to be stuck in a situation where your pet needs medical attention. Having a first aid kit is especially helpful if your are hiking. This kit includes bandages, gloves, gauze pads, antiseptic and more.

5. AmazonBasics Enhanced Dog Waste Bags

This item is good for everyday use and not just for traveling. I just wanted to share, because the bargain is too good not to. We live in a condo and don’t have a huge back yard. This means we take lots of walks. These bags are thick, have a nice scent, and an amazing price! If you go through a lot of waste bags, you will definitely want to save this link.

6. Zesty Paws Advanced Calming Bites

Many dogs have heightened anxiety while traveling. It’s such an exciting time to be out with their humans. We have been fortunate that our dogs do well in the car…now. When our Australian Shepherd was a puppy, she would always get car sick. She outgrew it. If she didn’t I definitely would have given these calming bites a try. They have excellent reviews.

7. Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover works in cars, Suvs and trucks. It will keep your dog safe and your seats clean. I also love how it has a seat belt that can attach to their harness, and a flap to protect the sides of the seat. This car seat cover is machine washable.

8. Vastar 2 Pack Adjustable Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

This seat belt is designed to keep your dog away from the center console. It is so easy to use. Simply click the belt hook to your furry friends’ harness and they will be safe on your travels.

9. Trunk Cargo Liner

We don’t have one of these yet, but it is literally sitting in my Amazon cart (as we speak) for later . When we travel with the pups, we always take them in the suv. This means that there is dog hair EVERYWHERE. Having this insert will save time, as you can just shake it out and throw it in the washing machine as needed.

10. Car Dog Barrier

On short trips I usually have my pups in the backseat without a belt or seat protector. My Australian Shepherd constantly tries to hop in the front seat, so I will be purchasing one of these shortly. The mesh barrier is also great; as you can detach it from one side, and use it as a storage bag when your dogs aren’t traveling with you.

I hope that my list will be helpful for you on your next travel, which includes your furry family member. Let me know in the comments below if you have tried any of these items or have any other recommendations.

5 Reasons you should take a Winter Vacation

5 Reasons you should take a Winter Vacation

Today is my husband’s birthday and for the past three years we have been taking a winter vacation to celebrate. Even though we live close to the beach, we travel 2 and a half hours to another beach. It’s not warm here, but it’s not home. It’s a week where we can spend time in a different atmosphere, and just have fun. We take this trip with our 12 closest friends. We are big board gamers, and we all bring our favorite games and play all weekend. As I was sitting here thinking about something travel related to write about, it got me thinking. Why do we predominately take our vacations during the summer? Why not divide the long winter season up by taking a much-deserved vacation? I have put together 5 reasons why you should start planning for a winter vacation.

It’s Cheaper

The beach house that we are staying in is almost 6,000 sq. ft. It includes 10 bedrooms, 10 full bathrooms and 2 half baths, 2 kitchens, 2 living areas, 2 dining room areas, a theatre room, two recreation areas that include arcade games, air hockey, table tennis, and a basketball game. There is even a billiards room. In the winter you will only pay $2,495/week. Which is only $205 person/per week for our group of 12. In the summer you will pay $6,950/week. That’s a $4,455 increase.

Nice Break After Holiday Rush

After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, why not take some time to breath? While the holidays are a time of togetherness and love, it can also be a time of stress. We all need a break once in a while, what better time than shortly after?

Minimal Traffic

This is one of my favorite reasons to travel during the winter time. I am an introvert and crowdedness can often overwhelm me. If you travel to a summer destination during the winter (i.e. the beach), rental neighborhoods can be a ghost town. We literally pulled up into the neighborhood last night and it was pitch black. Literally no one is here. The only downside to traveling to summer destinations in the winter is the fact that there are hardly any restaurants open. The grocery stores don’t offer everything that they normally would either (smaller selection in the meat section, etc.). It’s not a problem though if you are staying in a rental home. Simply bring your food with you if it’s a short drive, or plan according to what the grocery stores may offer during the month you will be traveling there.

Cabin Fever

When you live in a place that is extremely cold, you often stay indoors most of the time to stay warm. This can be frustrating. In my case, the trip that we are on is only 2 and a half hours away from my home, which is on the east coast. It is still cool here, but the vacation house is much larger, which provides a different atmosphere. The beach is only a walk down the street, so I bundle up and take the walk. Back home, the beach is 30 minutes away from where I live. I also have to find street parking and walk to it. With that being said, I’m less likely to visit the beach at home in the winter months, despite the fact that it is so close.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

“Did you know that seasonal affective disorder is estimated to affect 10 million Americans? Another 10 percent to 20 percent may have mild SAD. Research suggested that people with SAD also may produce less Vitamin D in response to sunlight; vitamin D is believed to play a role in serotonin activity. Insufficiency of vitamin D is associated with clinically significant depression symptoms.” (Psychology Today)

 According to Psychology Today, they suggest planning pleasurable activities for the winter season (as well as other examples). This would be the perfect time to get excited about planning a winter vacation. Plan a trip to a warm destination and soak up some of the sun to aid in natural vitamin D.

I hope I have provided you with a few ideas on why vacationing in the winter is an excellent idea. Let me know in the comments below if you and your family have done a winter getaway.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Vacation is a time of relaxation. Not worrying about cooking dinner, cleaning, or any other responsibilities that you would have while at home. If you are following a diet plan and trying to stay on track with your workout plan, traveling could stress one out a bit. It takes a little planning beforehand; but staying on track can be done, and I am going to share some tips with you.

If You Are Staying in a Rental Vacation Home

If you are staying in a rental property, you will have the amenities to cook all or some of your meals. Before leaving on vacation, simply create a menu and grocery list. On the day/night that you arrive at your destination, take a trip to the grocery store to get everything you need for the duration of your stay.

If You Are Staying in a Hotel

If you are staying at a hotel, see if there are refrigerators or microwaves available in the room. This option is best if you will be driving to your destination. We previously took a trip to Durham, North Carolina for a board game convention. The hotel that we stayed in provides microwaves, but you have to ask the front desk to bring one to your room. The night before we left for our trip, I went to the grocery store to pick up lunch meat, 647 bread by Schmidt, a bag of pre-cut veggies (for snacks), beef jerky, Sargento Balanced Break packs, and fiber one 70 calorie snack bars. When I got home I prepared a batch of chili and portioned it out in containers. Let’s get back to the 647 bread. I absolutely love bread, and there is no way I would cut it from my diet. This bread is amazing as it only has 40 calories, 6 grams of carbs, and provides 7 grams of fiber per slice!

As mentioned above, going on vacation is nice because you don’t have all of the responsibilities of being at home. We were on our trip with a bunch of friends, and knew that we would be going out to dinner with them in the evenings. With that being said, we used our pre-made food for our lunches during the week and of course snacks during the day.

Tips on Eating out

This is the part that stresses me out. It is often hard to tell what the food is cooked in, how much ingredients are added to the dish, and if it is portioned out the way that is described in their nutritional guide (if they provide one). Don’t be afraid to ask the waitress what dishes are cooked in, as well as any other information you would like to know about your selection. Try to avoid things that are labeled creamy, breaded, fried, crispy, crunchy, and even sautéed. Sautéed could indicate lots of butter or oil. Sticking with fresh veggies and meats with healthy spices is the way to go.

Portion Control

To ensure you are eating the serving size you are targeting, there are two good ways to take your measurements:

Use a picture guide. This one from How Stuff Works gives you examples of everyday items to compare your portion sizes to.

This is a great method if you didn’t bring along your measuring cups and spoons to the restaurant (which may be a little awkward and messy).

Another idea is to purchase a small travel size scale. I have this one from Amazon. Ask your waitress for an empty plate to place on the scale and zero it out. Next add your food and take note of the weight.

Working out

Many hotels, and even cruise ships offer workout rooms that provide a few machines and a rack of weights. Figure out what time of the day will work best for you and take advantage of what your hotel has to offer.

If you are staying in a rental home, you may not have access to gym equipment. That doesn’t mean that you can’t workout, it just means you will have to be a bit more creative. My husband and I do workouts from Beach Body. If you are not familiar with Beach Body on Demand, it’s like Netflix for workout programs (I do not sell Beach Body products). You can also find many workouts on YouTube. Our current favorite Beach Body program is Liift4, which is weight lifting and high intensity interval training 4 days a week. We also do yoga on rest days. We download all of our workouts on to our computer, so that we can still stay on track while we are away from home. If we are at a place that doesn’t provide weights, we just do cardio workouts. We even did all of our downloaded workouts while we were on a cruise!

If weights are a part of your workout regimen, there is another option available. You can actually find travel weights. Don’t worry, they aren’t heavy…well at least not until you fill them up. Once you are ready to use them, you fill them with water. It’s such a great idea! If you opt to try them out, please let me know what you think.

You can find these travel water weights on Amazon.

If you are going to a theme park or doing a lot of hiking, this may be enough exercise for you during your trip. You could even take advantage of the hotel pool and do laps. Don’t forget that if you don’t have access to a gym, or downloaded workout videos, bring your tennis shoes. Do a fast-paced jog or walk around the hotel facilities, or the neighborhood of your vacation rental home.

I hope my tips will help you during your fitness journey while on vacation. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other tips for staying fit while on vacation.

10 Gifts Under $20 For the Woman Who Travels

10 Gifts Under $20 For the Woman Who Travels

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Read my full disclosure policy here.

As a travel blogger, it is apparent that I love traveling. What many of you might not know (if you didn’t read my article on packing cubes), is that I despise living out of my suitcase. I love adding items that provide organization to make it easier for you to unpack. I also appreciate components that are compact to make you feel as though you have everything from home, but without the extra baggage. If there is a woman in your life that you know feels the same way, you will surely find something off of my list of “10 gifts under $20 for the woman who travels” that will make her very happy.

#1 Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag by Hikenture

I absolutely love this toiletry bag! There is plenty of room for your makeup, hair products, and other personal hygiene essentials. The added bonus is that you can hang it up in the bathroom, and never have to unpack/store a thing on the vanity.

#2 Travel Storage Jewelry Bag by Bagsmart

I love costume jewelry, but have often avoided traveling with it in fear of my pieces getting damaged (until I purchased one of these). This travel storage jewelry bag provides plenty of space to store your bracelets and earrings. What I love best about this bag is the necklace storage area. You never have to worry about them getting knotted or twisted while traveling.

#3 Universal Folding Electronics Bag by Dot & Dot

Like many of us, I travel with quite a few pieces of technology. I have my phone, Apple Watch for working out, and my headphones as I love listening to music. I also carry around a portable phone charger to make sure that I always have enough battery to snap lots of pictures. This electronic storage bag provides an area to keep all of your wires in place to avoid all of the untangling later.

#4 Travel Adapter Outlet by Dandelion

This travel adapter is amazing for the world traveling woman in your life. The Dandelion travel adapter provides different travel shapes for anywhere you travel. It covers more than 150 countries around the world!

#5 4-Piece Packing Travel Organization Cubes Set by Amazon Basics

Packing cubes make me smile! So much that I did a write up on them about their practicality (The Best Suitcase Organizer (Ever). They eliminate the dreaded, “living out of your suitcase”, or the need to unpack each and every item. Store all of your clothing into the different cubes, and then unpack them into your dresser at your destination. If I had to recommend my most favorite item on this list, this would definitely be it!

#6 Travel-in-Style Pocket Scarf by Pop Fashion

This infinity scarf is genius! Not only will it keep you warm, but it provides a safe place to store your valuable items. It is also great for when you are out jogging in pants that don’t have pockets.

#7 Collapsible Water Bottle with Carabiner by TEMEAYE

While I am at home I always have a water bottle within arms reach. The one thing that I usually forget to pack in my suitcase is you guessed it…my water bottle. One of the main reasons is for lack of space in my luggage. This collapsible water bottle solves that issue.

#8 Luggage Tags by Getaway Simply

Most travelers choose standard luggage in the black, blue or gray variety. This issue causes all of the luggage to look the same. My husband usually ties a bright shoestring to our suitcase, but I wanted something a little more stylish. That is why I created these personalized luggage tags. They are now available in my Etsy store, with free shipping in the U.S.

#9 Selfie Stick Tripod by UBeesize

Selfies serve their purpose and I have nothing against them. I do however, appreciate a full length body shot of my family or myself at the beautiful destination we have traveled to. This selfie stick tripod makes it easy to capture those moments, and even has a remote to snap the picture when you are ready.

#10 Passport Holder – Neck Wallet & RFID Travel Wallet

This passport holder would be great for anyone. My son actually used something similar while he was studying abroad. It is easier for someone to pick your pocket than it is for them to grab something off of your neck. This holder also offers RFID blocking.

There are many other items that I could have added to the list, but I wanted to keep it brief. Have you used any of these items or did I leave off one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below.

Should You Send Your Child on a Foreign Exchange Program?

Should You Send Your Child on a Foreign Exchange Program?

During my oldest son’s last year of middle school, we started planning on which high school he wanted to attend. He didn’t go to private school, but there were several academies available (11 in total). Learning new languages and studying different cultures in the world was something that he was passionate about. With that being said, he decided on the Global Studies and World Languages Academy, and was accepted into their program.

A week before he began his Freshman year of high school there was an information session on the academy’s expectations. At the end of the session, a current senior got up and spoke about his experience with the school, and how he participated in a foreign exchange program. At that moment, I remember internally freaking. I was thinking that there was absolutely no way that I was going to send my almost 15-year-old off to another country to live temporarily with a family that I didn’t know. It just wasn’t going to happen.

A few months later our son came home from school explaining to his father and I that there were scholarships available for a summer exchange program in Japan. He was taking Japanese in school, and a coordinator from Youth For Understanding came in to talk to them about it. We wanted our children to experience the world, so I didn’t want to hold him back. We told him to go ahead and complete the application process, and I did some research to ease my mind.

I believe it was around April when I found a packet in the mail addressed to my son from Youth For Understanding. I was so nervous (but in a good way) about whether or not he earned the scholarship. I couldn’t wait to pick him up from school to hand him the envelope. It was the news he had been waiting for, he got accepted and was going to stay with a family in Japan for 6 weeks! My husband and I were so proud and excited for him!

I wanted to write this post to help ease other parent’s minds about giving their child an experience of a lifetime. Here are the reasons that I recommend allowing your child to study abroad for either a summer or year:

Learn Cultural Differences

They get to experience the values, beliefs, and lifestyle of a family from another culture. It gives them an open mind to learn that “their way” isn’t the “only way” in life, and that it doesn’t make it wrong or right. Their experience allows them to educate their peers on the acceptance of cultural differences.

Experience New Foods

They get to experience all of the different foods from another country. Being from America, our son couldn’t get over how small the serving sizes were in Japan, or I suppose how big the serving sizes are in our country. He absolutely loved the cuisine in Japan and missed a lot of it when he returned home.

Develop Independence

It gives them a chance to be independent. I want to address that while I was nervous about sending my child to stay with people I didn’t know, it had nothing to do with him exploring another country. His father and I were more nervous about him losing his check card, passport, or other important documents. He was barely 15 when he left for his exchange program. Guess what? He didn’t lose a thing and he came back a more independent young man because of his experience.

Establish New Relationships

They get to meet amazing people that embrace them as part of the family. We are extremely grateful that our son’s host family wanted to share all that they could with him during his 6-week visit. Not just about their family, but about the beauty of their country as well. The sole purpose of an exchange program is to be a part of a family to learn about and understand their culture. Host families are not required (or supposed) to treat your child like they are on vacation. We truly appreciated all that his host family did for him out of the kindness of their heart.

The relationship that they develop with their host family can last throughout their life. Several years after our son graduated from high school, his host family contacted him and wanted him to join them on a trip to New York. He was extremely excited, and enjoyed showing them around and helping them translate English.

Explore a New School

He also got the chance to attend school in Japan. By doing so he was able to learn about the different teaching styles compared to his home country. He also got to interact with many students close to his age.

A Once in a Life Time Experience

It’s a once in a lifetime experience. As adults we always have the opportunity to travel around the world; but not in a way where you get to be a part of a family, and truly embrace the culture with the people that live there.

Promotes Cultural Curiosity

It opens their eyes to wanting to explore more of the world. The year after he returned from Japan he applied for another scholarship with a different exchange program, and was awarded a 2-week trip to South Korea, which he visited during the summer of his Sophomore year of high school. During his Senior year of his undergrad studies, he completed a semester in Spain and also visited many places along the way (London, Morocco, Iceland). While my husband and I have not been to Japan, Korea, or Spain (and we are a little jealous), he has taught us a lot about his experiences. His influences even caused us to share our culture with others as well, and we have hosted students from Japan and Denmark.

Our Recommendation

Giving our son the opportunity to explore other cultures has been one of the best decisions that we have made. We don’t have any regrets whatsoever, and we highly recommend using Youth For Understanding to find a foreign exchange program that interests your child. If you are considering sending your child on a foreign exchange program and have any questions, please post them in the comments below.

The Best Suitcase Organizer (Ever)

The Best Suitcase Organizer (Ever)

There are two types of individuals when it comes to laundry. The individual who washes, dries, places in basket and then leaves in basket. The other type MUST fold and put everything away immediately. I am an open-minded person, and feel there is no right or wrong way to go about it. I personally subscribe to folding everything straight out of the dryer, and putting all of my garments in their respective places.

With that being said, one thing that bothers me about traveling is having to dig through suitcases. It is alright if it is just a weekend, but any longer than that, I cringe at the idea of it. Everything in my house isn’t extremely configured (I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me), but there are a few things that are a necessity…suitcase organization is one of them.

Last year my husband introduced me to packing cubes. We bought a few and tried them out, and it was a game changer for traveling. It is like having drawers in your suitcase and makes it so easy to find what you are looking for. My favorite part about it is the fact that you can pull the cubes out of your suitcase and place them in drawers at your hotel or vacation rental home.

ebags Packing Cubes

This brand is by ebags and comes in an array of colors: aquamarine, black, blue dots, canary, eggplant, geometric, grasshopper, leopard, peony, and tangerine. These packing cubes are made of nylon and have breathable mesh on the top. Your purchase includes one small, medium, and large packing cube starting at $29.99 on Amazon.

When our family went on our last vacation, we were away for almost two weeks. We didn’t have quite enough cubes, so we decided to try out a set by Amazon basics. These cubes are comparable as they are also made of nylon, and have breathable mesh as well. The Amazon Basics cubes come in a set of 4 in the following colors: black, blue, green, grey, sky blue, and red. You can find these cubes starting at $20.00 on Amazon.

My Opinion

Both brands hold up equally well. They are both made of the same materials, and the only difference is where the mesh is placed on the packing cube. Ebags offer more variety in colors, but Amazon packing cubes are more economical. I can honestly say that I don’t prefer one over the other, as both packing cube brands are equal in regards to quality. It all boils down to cost over option of colors.

Have you tried either brand of the packing cubes? Do you have a preference? What do you think of this method of suitcase organization? Let me know if you have in the comments.

Adult Guide to Long Travel Days

Adult Guide to Long Travel Days

One of my favorite parts of vacation is traveling to the destination. I know that is the one detail that most people dislike, but hear me out. My husband frequently mentions that I need to take time for myself. It is something that I rarely do. I currently work 3 part-time jobs (my blog is included in that), instead of one full-time job because I love variety. I am extremely fortunate, as all of my jobs are able to be done from the comfort of my own home.

This sounds like a dream to many as they fantasize about working in their pajamas (that part can be true), running errands, doing laundry (ok, that can be true too), and even getting things done around the house. I have heard the opposite from people as well for fear of not being motivated to work. I have been working from home for quite some time now, so I am pretty good at staying on track with my tasks throughout the day. I would say that the main issue with working from home when you love your jobs is not knowing when to stop, hence where my self-care issue takes place.

Travel days are considered forced me-time in my eyes. I fill my backpack with fun activities, and the time just flies by. Listed below are my recent go to items that I truly enjoy:


I absolutely love this bag by ebags. It can store your laptop as well as anything else you need to bring along on your trip. I love the back as it can slide over the handle on your luggage so that you don’t have to carry it around. It is available on Amazon for $99.

If you love to do paint-by-numbers, you will love this sticker-by-number activity book. You won’t believe how many times I have been questioned at the airport on where I purchased my book. I usually end up spreading the love and pulling a page out to help someone with their boredom. Silvio Rebelo has created so many themes to choose from. I purchased mine from Amazon for $8.79

I also enjoy old school coloring. You’re never too old to color. It’s such a great way to relieve stress. My go to book at the moment is Fantastic Cities by Steve McDonald. $13.67 on Amazon I also recommend the Artist premium watercolor pencils

Despite my need for more self care, I do enjoy reading self help books. At the moment I am really enjoying reading books by Brené Brown. Brené discusses topics on vulnerability, courage, authenticity and shame. I feel that she relates to many of us, and I truly love her work. $12.89 on Amazon

Last but not least, I always bring my laptop with me everywhere I go. I absolutely love this little 13-inch pink MacBook Air $899.99 It is definitely not a necessity for a trip, but I like to bring it to upload my pictures, and even work on my blog.

Now that I have shared with you what I like to bring in my bag for activities on the road, share with me some things that you like to do. Also, don’t forget that self-care is important and should be practiced regularly, not just when on vacation.

“Self-Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.”

-Katie Reed

Hey! Want to go Camping?

Hey! Want to go Camping?

I was going to wait a while before I wrote this article, but it’s too good to keep to myself (I’ll get to that in a bit). I also feel that it is the perfect time of the year to write about camping. Summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to take advantage of the warmth by swimming in lakes, kayaking, fishing, or anything else that screams summer fun. I also think this is a good time to talk about camping as fall is approaching. It’s the perfect weather to snuggle up in a sleeping bag at night, but still enjoy the comfortable temperatures.

My family went camping many years ago when our sons were young and in the Boy Scouts.  We always enjoyed it and often talked about going in the future. We even kept all of our camping gear. Fast forward to about seven years ago. The spring season came around and either me or my husband would say, “hey, want to go camping”? This has happened every single year since then. The only thing added to the statement is, “but let’s actually go this time”. Guess what? We still haven’t been camping. Funny, right!

I recently learned about some new options of camping. I’m almost certain that they aren’t new ideas, but they are to me. The term is actually called glamping. According to, glamping is the activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home. While I am still interested in traditional camping in a tent, I wouldn’t mind trying out one of these options as well.

Mini RVs

Imagine riding in a mini-van that is equipped with bedding, a table, and a hatch that opens up to a mini cooking kitchen. Jucy RV Rentals offers just that. They offer several different styles of mini RVs to accommodate your family size.

Hit The Road in Your Dream RV

Jucy RV Rentals have locations in the United States in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Vancouver. Visit their website for additional information on their RVs.  

Pictured above: The Jucy Camp from Jucy USA


How about a Tipi stay in Missouri? This rental is so beautiful that I really want to stay there. It is nestled in the woods, and the Airbnb listing states that it is accessible year-round, it’s fully equipped, and offers a hot shower in a temperature controlled bath house. You really have to see this one!

Pictured above: MAGIC Tipi Retreat on VRBO

Tree House

This particular treehouse has been on my radar for quite some time, as it is only 2 hours away from me. It is located in Richmond, Virginia and is as cute as can be! You can go back to your childhood staying in this house. The owners offer a private bathroom as well as an indoor option to sleep if the weather gets too hot & humid.

Pictured above: Trailside Treehouse in RVA – Glamp with private bath on Airbnb

Tent on Top of Truck/Jeep

If you have a pick-up truck or even a hard-top jeep, this might be an option you’d like to consider. It is basically a tent that sits on top of the vehicle. It comes with a ladder so that you can get up to your sleeping space. These roof top tents are available for rent at Off The Grid.

Pictured above: High Country 3-5 Person Tent by Rent off the Grid


Yurts give a great amount of space with lots of coverage from the outside elements. I found this gorgeous yurt located in the Smoky Mountains. It even has a fully updated kitchen. You truly have to see it to believe it!

Panoramic Creek Front Luxury Yurt on VRBO

Let me know if you have ever been glamping before and which option you liked best! Getaway Simply offers specialized trip itineraries to make your vacation stress-free. Email me today at for more information.

What to Pack on a Cruise

What to Pack on a Cruise

One of our favorite ways to vacation is by cruise. We thought that life would slow down once our boys grew up, but it seems quite the opposite. We are a non-stop household. Going on a cruise literally forces you to do nothing but relax. There is no worrying about what you are going to cook or where you’re going to go out to eat for dinner. You don’t need to figure out where to go for entertainment and you can be disconnected from the online world for the extent of your cruise. Although you have options to purchase an internet connection, the majority of our family opts out. I am the one that usually purchases the social media package, so that I can still be in contact with family and the dog boarder in case of an emergency. I know I can’t do anything while I am out at sea, but it just keeps my mind at ease.

Packing for a cruise can be confusing if you have never been on one. You may have questions on what is acceptable to wear to dinner or what the temperature is like inside of the ship. Even though I have been on about 7 cruises (all with Carnival Cruise lines), I recently found myself Googling what to wear on our last cruise to Alaska. We have always cruised to warm destinations, so I was at a complete loss. Our trip was in May so there was a lot of searching on weather averages, as well as checking the weather a few days before our trip. I have created this list to help you to be stress-free while getting ready for a relaxing time on your cruise.

Posted below is a helpful list to use for both warm and cold destination cruises.

The following dress codes are from Carnival Cruise Lines:

Notes: Dress casually during the day to include sneakers and flip flops.

 For dining room attire, the cruise casual dining dress code is as follows:

Gentlemen – Sports slacks, khakis, jeans (no cut-offs), dress shorts (long), collared sports shirts.

Ladies – Casual dresses, casual skirts or pants and blouses, summer dresses; Capri pants, dress shorts, jeans (no cut-offs).

There will always be a cruise elegant night on your cruise. If you are on a 6-day cruise or longer, there will be two cruise elegant nights in the dining room. The buffet is open for those that do not want to partake in elegant night.

For dining room attire, the cruise elegant dress code is as follows:

Gentlemen – Dress slacks, dress shirts. We also suggest a sport coat. If you wish to wear suits and ties or tuxedos, by all means we invite you to do so.

Ladies – Cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses; if you’d like to show off your evening gowns, that’s great too!

Note: Not permitted in the dining room during cruise elegant dinner for ladies and gentlemen: shorts, gym shorts, t-shirts, beach flip flops, bathing suit attire, jeans, cut-off jeans, sleeveless shirts for men, sportswear, and baseball hats.

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Warm Weather Cruise


  • Shorts/capris
  • Shirts
  • 1-2 pair jeans for dining room and/or evening shows (it can be a bit chilly at night in the lounge while watching shows)
  • Undergarments (underwear, undershirts, bra, socks)
  • Bathing suits (no towels, they are provided on the ship)
  • Sleep wear
  • Workout wear if you want to exercise. They have an excellent gym, as well as a jogging/walking track on the top of the ship
  • Elegant night attire if interested
  • Shoes (sneakers, sandals, flip flops, dress shoes for elegant night)
  • Sweater/light jacket for inside the ship

Additional Items

Many of these items are available on the ship, but the cost is much higher.

  • Backpack for walking around port/excursions
  • Surge protector power strip. There aren’t enough outlets in the room for everyone’s electronics.
  • Card games/small board games for sea days (They do have a few scheduled activities during sea days, but nothing beats a good table game.
  • Clips to attach towels to beach chair
  • Sun screen
  • Aloe
  • Lanyard for your room card (Carnival themed lanyards are available on the ship)
  • If you don’t think you will get enough value out of the bottomless bubbles card (soda card), you are allowed to bring a maximum of 12 sealed cans or cartons of other non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, juice or milk (per person). Bottled water is not allowed. Juice, water & tea are available for free on the ships.
  • On the day the cruise embarks, you are allowed to bring on board one standard 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne per person.
  • If you enjoy flavored water drop-ins such as Crystal light, you can bring those on board.
  • This past cruise we learned that we can bring sealed snacks on board as well. We brought our protein bars and beef jerky that we purchased while in the Seattle, Washington Port.
  • Small pop up hamper. We always travel with one. It makes it so much easier to keep dirty clothes out of the way.
  • Door decorations if you are celebrating an event. Most doors are metal. Carnival Cruise Lines requires fire retardant decorations.

Cold Weather Cruise

My family cruised to Alaska in May 2019. The temps were in the 50’s the entire time. We recommend dressing in layers, as you will frequently be going in and out of the ship. It’s easier to remove layers instead of sweating in heavy winter clothes. We didn’t bring a heavy coat, just a medium weight and a light weight jacket.


  • Shirts (short sleeves and long sleeves)
  • Jeans
  • Thermal pants to wear under jeans
  • Undergarments (underwear, undershirts, bra, socks)
  • Bathing suits (no towels, they are provided on the ship) The pool on the Carnival legend was heated, but very few people were in it. They do however have a hot tub inside the gym and on the decks.
  • Sleep wear
  • Workout wear if you want to exercise. They have an excellent gym, as well as a jogging/walking track on the top of the ship (weather permitting, it may be cold).
  • Elegant night attire if interested
  • Shoes (sneakers, casual dress shoes for dinner, dress shoes for elegant night, some people wore boots)
  • Sweater for inside the ship
  • Gloves & hat (We didn’t bring these, but some travelers may prefer to bring them)

Additional Items

  • Backpack for walking around port/excursions
  • Surge protector power strip. There aren’t enough outlets in the room for everyone’s electronics.
  • Binoculars if you are going to Alaska (Great for whale watching, spotting seals, eagles, and bears on land)
  • Card games/small board games for sea days (They do have a few scheduled activities during sea days, but nothing beats a good table game.
  • Sun screen (You can still get sun burn in the cold climate)
  • Lanyard for your room card (Carnival themed lanyards are available on the ship)
  • If you don’t think you will get enough value out of the bottomless bubbles card (soda card), you are allowed to bring a maximum of 12 sealed cans or cartons of other non-alcoholic beverages such as soda, juice or milk (per person). Bottled water is not allowed. Juice, water & tea are available for free on the ships.
  • On the day the cruise embarks, you are allowed to bring on board one standard 750 ml bottle of wine or champagne per person.
  • If you enjoy flavored water drop-ins such as Crystal light, you can bring those on board.
  • This past cruise we learned that we can bring sealed snacks on board as well. We brought our protein bars and beef jerky that we purchased while in the Seattle, Washington Port.
  • Small pop up hamper. We always travel with one. It makes it so much easier to keep dirty clothes out of the way.
  • Door decorations if you are celebrating an event. Most doors are metal. Carnival Cruise Lines requires fire retardant decorations.

I hope that my list helps you pack for your upcoming cruise. Remember that this is my experience with Carnival Cruise Lines, as I haven’t cruised yet with other lines (but plan to try them out in the future). I will soon create an article on the ins and outs of cruising. What kind of questions do you have about vacationing on a cruise ship?